Oh god oh no RUN AWAY!

Anyway, yeah, I’m back updating this place, in part because I’ve just put up a new version of my website, which you can find at www.ktcoope.com. But, I also want to use this place to throw sketches at people, and all of that, so… here’s some from last night:

Various stuff from Project Hat. On the top row, a young Escabar with his sheep, and young Cereus with her fox that we still need a better design for. Middle row, a sliiightly older Cereus, The Sombero, and Casey. Bottom row, older Escabar and his sheep, and Herr Spitz. All done very late but I wanted to chill and draw without worrying about things being outstanding because I keep second guessing myself and not finishing anything because of it, lately. Which is silly really.


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