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Something to use or ignore

December 8, 2006

And pretty much just for my own benefit:

What code DOESN’T do that it does in the movies.

Will I still break these? Probably, yeah, but they’re something to keep in mind.

(In other news, essays are evil, though I think there is a direct correlation between how much work I have to do, and how much Lady Grey tea I drink.)


Technology gets it right again

November 28, 2006

So simple, but it’s about time someone did this:

Multi Point touch interfaces.

This is almost exactly as I see the laptop style units working in Interference.

A thought on shiny things

October 28, 2006

Somebody out there really needs to combine This with THIS.

We have the technology, and if these people can spin fire without dying, they can spin tech without smashing it. Come on, you know it makes sense. The poi spinning and glow-stringing croud need this to happen. (Okay, so I just wanna watch people doing it, but that’s because I still suck horribly at poi.)

It would be so very cool…

Roll on future.

April 10, 2006

We’ve nearly got cybereyes, guys.

They are making the blind see.

Found via CyberpunkReview so might not be too valid, but still… iiiiiinteresting.

More interesting technology.

April 2, 2006

A number of characters in Interference have implants called ‘Nanotats’, which are programable tatoos. Looks like this tech is not as weird as I thought.

How Animated Tattoos Work

Art and other interesting things

March 22, 2006

Firstly, nabbed this from InfomationAesthetics, but thought it was too damn cool not to share.

Universal Connections. A exhibition playing with the meanings of what we do with our data. Some is very clever. And rather slick at that.

In other news… Not getting as much done as I’d like creative wise, but that is down at least in part to the frightening amount of work I’ve had thrown at me by Uni.

I have however been doing some things for Project Hat with Spon which is pretty fun. A lot of loose, fast character design work that’s quite a departure from the things I’m usually doing. (And hey, Spon boyo, we need to update the Wiki. I can see the dust on it.)

Actually, I’ll share some of my recent sketches with you. (click for the full versions)

cereusadultsketchthumb.jpg estaprofsketchthumb.jpg sikesthumb.jpg

Right then, back to essays.

Neal Stevenson is the man.

March 21, 2006

Okay, so I’ve already shown this to most people I know read this, but I’m posting it up again anyway.

Neal Stevenson’s Slashdot Interview.

Most of you who know me will already know one of my all time fave books is Snow Crash, so this ammused me. Stevenson talks about SF, technology, and all sorts of stuff. Especially worth reading for the discussion on “In a fight between you and William Gibbson, who would win?”

Oh, and if for some silly reason you haven’t already read Snow Crash, for goodness sake get yourself a copy and read it now. I command you. Do as I say, I’m very tired.


March 20, 2006

“Japan’s National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST) has developed a device that uses lasers to project real three-dimensional images in mid-air. The institute unveiled the device on February 7 in a demonstration that showed off the device’s ability to project three-dimensional shapes of white light.”

Oh hell yeah.

It’s always nice when you find that things you use in stories are getting closer to being real every day. (Well, okay when the NICE things you use. There’s plenty in my stuff I’m really quite glad is confined to fiction.)