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An interesting thing happened to me tonight.

February 22, 2008

So, I will tell you about it in a badly drawn autobiographical comic.


The metal was still there when I got back later in the night, so I took a photo of it for posterity’s sake. Looking at the building, I think it was one of the dark side panels that run up some of the buildings on the estate I live on. That particular block of flats has a 2 tiered roof, the lower part nearest where I was, so I guess the first clang was it falling and hitting the roof, then it bounced and fell 4 stories down to me. I could be over-reacting but I’m pretty sure it could have killed me, or at the least caused some serious damage. Thankfully I’m easily spooked enough I didn’t just carry on walking.

So, right now I’m feeling pretty lucky.


2008 Attacks! :O

January 2, 2008

So, the year has ticked over and it’s time for me to spend weeks second guessing myself when I write the date. Wheee!

But really, I’m glad to have a nice concrete ‘that’s enough of that’ drawn under last year. Not that it’s been horrific or anything, but it’s good to have the explicit reason to turn over a new leaf and sort yourself out and make things all together better. It’s time to put my foot down and find my own happiness, instead of panicking and worrying about the many changes in my life that are out of my hands. Insert air-punching and dramatic music here. (Also sunglasses, drills that will pierce the heavens and KICKING REASON TO THE CURB AND GOING BEYOND THE IMPOSSIBLE ROW ROW FIGHT DA POWA* etc for good measure.)

I graduate from my MA at the end of the month, drawing a nice line under my education for at least a couple of years, and after that, well, I’ll have to see what comes my way.

So, 2008 looks to be a year of… god, I don’t know actually. But it should be interesting finding out, right?

I have made some vague resolutions though, which includes updating this more often, which I WILL do. If possible, at least once a week. Those who know me, feel free to kick me if this does not occur.

Anyway guys, hope you had a great 2007, have now recovered from your respective hangovers, and will have a brilliant year ahead. Cheers.

* 2008 is also the year of Gurren Lagann on DVD. In the UK, please.

December Flurries

December 13, 2007

Okay, so as usual I’m not quite in the ‘OMFG YAY CHRISTMAS!!!’ phase yet, but I rarely am until a couple of days before the day itself. I dunno, I guess coming from a family where you’ve heard people practising Christmas carols in the next room IN JULY so they can get an album done leaves you with a bit less of of a hurry towards it. I’m last-minute as hell.

It’s also a time of me drawing pictures I have to be all secretive about so I don’t spoil people’s presents, and I never get as many done as I’d like. Still, I’m liking the paintings I’ve done so far.

Comic wise, I got my script done, though it needs a lot of work because it’s still pretty clunky, and I decided it’s better as a pilot issue for something than as a fully self contained thing and need to bring that out a little more. But I think I’m going to try and do the layouts first, it’ll give me a better idea of how much space I really have to play with. Also, I just found out I probably should change my protagonist’s name because, due to not checking first, I’ve accidentally given him the same name as DarkHawk’s alter ego (From various marvel stuff). While I don’t think anyone is going to confuse my unremarkable 20-something photographer guy for a teenage magic-amulet-powered superhero… DarkHawk has been in Runaways and I LIKE Runaways, so Chris is going to have to get a new surname.

Moral of this story, kids, is Wiki/Google your characters’ names BEFORE you get attached to them.

(I didn’t mind the real world people that the 2 main characters in the first issue shared names with. Because they’re not exactly uncommon names. But you’ve got to draw the line somewhere.)

I’m not sure if I’ll be able to get the first issue done by Bristol, due to potential things with paid stuff I’m going to have to give priority to. I’m probably going to have it for Amecon in august though.

In the mean time, have some doodles I did while trying to get used to drawing the character. (Yes, I know you can’t hold a camera like that. Shhh. XD)

Chris Doodles

Okay, that’s enough babble for now. Laters.

Good things.

September 11, 2007

Well guys, I’ve finished that MA. By now my dissertation should be in the English department’s hands, ready to be marked. Fantastic.

By way of celebration, and as a late graduation present, I’m off to LA tomorrow morning to see the excellent C of Dreaming in Red. Which will be awesome.

When I get back, I’m going to try and use this place more, do sketch dumps and stuff and well as the usual reviews and general babble.

Anyway, I better get back on with the packing. See you when I get back! :)

On Cons and Drive

August 18, 2007

Okay, so AmeCon. What a strange, strange weekend that is. I think the combination of lack of Anime Society, and lack of hitting the clubs with the lovely Ben has lead a bit of a lack of something in my life.

Mainly these things:

1) Getting excited about silly Japanese cartoons and comics.

2) Dressing up in frankly ridiculous outfits and mucking about without caring what you look like.

Amecon provides these things in abundance. It’s odd, for a long weekend Leicester Uni campus becomes detached from the rest of reality as a whole and is descended upon by a thousand-odd very excited geeks. And, well, it’s great. Utterly surreal and very very silly, but a lot of fun. And it gives you an excuse to BUILD THINGS which I’ve been missing right from A Level art.

(Though for the record, there were a frankly ridiculous amount of Squaresoft related cosplayers. Lots of FF and Advent Children and LOTS of Kingdom Hearts stuff going around. Okay, some of which was really nicely done. Though it’s kinda a shame there was nobody doing any Final Fantasy before 7.)

Amecon is also a good thing because it’s an excuse to meet up with some of the cool arty people I know from around the country and in my case revel in the Japanese style of stuff without having to worry about not being cool or original enough. Cause, yeah, I wanna broaden my stuff, but sometimes… well, it takes the fun out a bit to worry over everything, and here in Manc I’m surrounding by some VERY good comic artists who are mostly much more western in style, and I know it’s stupid but sometimes that gets really intimidating. (Granted, Abby, Dave, Tunney and Caddy are all older than me, more experienced and so on but still.) Like Caddy asked what I was drawing at Comics Night this week and I kinda wanted the floor to swallow me up cause man, I’m not cool enough. Most of the time since I’ve gotten here I’ve been too shy to show my sketch book any more, and it’s crept into my online stuff as well, only a few people end up seeing what I’m drawing lately.

At places like Amecon (or generally any time I hang with Hel and Scott of Makenai Team) there’s just less pressure, I’m not drawing in a style of a branch of comics half the people in the room think are crap and even if I’m maybe not pushing myself, I can draw whatever the hell I feel like and revel in that. I can draw stuff purely because it’s fun, and because it makes people happy. I can just draw to enjoy it.

(And there’s something amusing (if slightly scary) about some random girl giving you a strangle hug because you happen to be sketching a character she really likes.)

And, y’know what? In terms of making me feel good about drawing again, something which has been really lacking the last few months, It WORKS. Okay, so I don’t have the time because I’m in the middle of the dissertation stuff, but when I got back from the con I was more pumped to do creative stuff than I have been in a long while. And that’s a big thing. It’s all well and good demanding to myself that I need to get better, but it’s next to impossible to do that unless you’re actually ENJOYING what you’re doing.

So, from here on in, I’m gonna find that again. I’m going to get back into art, I’m going to try and draw the best stuff I can do but I am going to have FUN doing it.

Personal stuff aside, other things about the con in brief:

-To the crew staying at the Stoneycroft, you’re all awesome. It was a pleasure meeting you. To Matt, Rob and Lynn in particular, you guys rule and you BETTER stay in touch even though I’m no longer running HAI.

-To Hel and Scott, you two are still utter dudes, your animation was great and it is always a total pleasure hanging out with you.

-To Chloe, it was REALLY cool meeting you face to face. I totally meant what I said about you visiting, it’d be great to see you again, and I can’t wait to see your comic in print.

-I suck at Mario Kart but really need a copy now.

-I need Taiko DS even more however because GOD DAMN that is an awesome game.

-People who are good at ParaPara Paradise show up us people who such at it even more than the pros at DDR. Seriously, you people are scary. But look awesome.

-Whoever it was in the Dizzy cosplay… You are very very brave and you totally pulled it off. Nice one.

-The dealers room was all right, I was saved from spending too much due to not being into Bleach or Naruto or particularly wanting Death Note merch. I did however find a Kino’s Journey art book which made me very very happy. It is so very lovely.


-The DS is a great thing at cons. Partly because of multiplayer download games but mostly because of Pictochat making the wait for late starting events so much more entertaining.

-One day I will actually go to a SHOWING at an anime con. Maybe. Not this year though.

-Turns out it’s on next year, and I can’t wait. :)

In non con things, I’ve hit the half way mark on the first draft on my dissertation a couple of days ago, which is cool. I’m aiming to get another 1000 words done today (already done 1000) which takes me up to 12,000, with 8000 to go. Didn’t get so much done the couple of days before as I’ve been really tired and out of it. Working on that though, and am going to be more disciplined from now on.

Also in less than a month, not only will this essay crap be gone, but I will be GOING TO LA. Which is going to rock. Right now the ‘Oh god deadline’ is slightly dampening the excitement, but once this thing has gone to the binders, glee spazzing will commence. Because I am going to see my good buddy C from over at Dreaming in Red and that is going to ROCK. So there.

Anyhow, I should crack on with things because this has been a REALLY long post. (Geeze, it’s over 1000 words. God damn I’m verbose sometimes.)

Ack, sorry

April 10, 2007

Dropped off again.

Things have been pretty busy and I keep forgetting to post on here. The fact that my apostrophe key falls off every other time I use it has made me less enthusiastic about typing a lot. However I’m currently strongly debating buying a lovely new computer which will solve that problem.

Been reading quite a few things lately. My current thing is Two For The Money by Janet Evanovitch. Her Stephanie Plum books have become a guilty pleasure for me and my good buddy Mike, basically chicklit comedy noir about bountyhunters. Stephanie is a great character, just the right balance of rubbish enough to be funny, sympathetic and not all RAAAA GIRL POWER, and yet cool enough to not be patronising too. I’m not going to say they’re high lit, but they’re nice to read, quite engaging and very funny. In particular the dynamic between Stephanie and Joe Morelli is really fun to read, the two of them crossing swords and swinging between friendly rivalry, total hate, romantic tension, and trading tasty info for junk food just amuses me. (And it’s nice that Stephanie isn’t the only one gaga for her mom’s cooking. That Morrelli is just as terrible about Mrs Plum’s spice cake is a lovely touch). If you fancy something light, fun and funny, you can find the first novel in the series, One for the Money, here.

Anyway, essay season is kicking in, so expect me to drop off the face of the internet a little bit. Speaking of which, I should be doing some work.

From the ruins of my sleeping pattern…

November 2, 2006

Because, honestly, I need to stop waking up at noon just because I don’t have any classes.

As, in a shocking twist of fate, I am actually a couple of books ahead in my reading for my MA, no work today. Okay, maybe a little, because the books I’ve got afterwards are interesting too: ‘Transmission’ by Hari Kunzru (Some kind of social drama centring about the internet. Nice prologue but could go either brilliant or horrible), ‘The Long Firm’, by Jake Arnott (Hardboiled british crime, of course I’m going to like it) and a couple more crime fiction novels by American women writers.

However, if I can suppress my reading mode (and I’ll give some reviews of things I’ve read lately soon, I think. I want more content on here) I’m going to try and spend today on writing, critting and excavating my room from the untidy mess that is has become. As it is covered in amazon boxes, class handouts and empty glasses and so on again, and to a silly extent…

What, ‘I have to tidy my desk’ is the most tried and tested procrastination method. Shh.

Of course there is that tricky ‘lack of food in the house that is mine’ issue aside from all those instant noodles, so I better go and deal with that as well.

I’m thinking of doing some storyboard-like sketch collages to help get the story organised, get in touch with the mood again after having such a long hiatus, and also kill my artists block that is preventing me from finishing any of my drawings lately.

Anyway, that’s enough wasting time on blog nonsense. Time to quest for some socks and get on with the day.


October 27, 2006

Wow, I’ve really been neglecting this place.

Things have been a bit crazy and hectic lately, but I’m going to try and get back on top of things and update this place a little more often.

In the mean time, I’ve been mucking about on a MB run by my freind Spon and myself, based around dreams.


In fact there’s some writing by me on there, even more if you count the RP stuff. But even if you don’t there is a bit of prose about one of my characters on there I’ll be adding to as the mood takes me. Fun stuff.

Anyway, that’s enough for now.