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Something to use or ignore

December 8, 2006

And pretty much just for my own benefit:

What code DOESN’T do that it does in the movies.

Will I still break these? Probably, yeah, but they’re something to keep in mind.

(In other news, essays are evil, though I think there is a direct correlation between how much work I have to do, and how much Lady Grey tea I drink.)


Time for the winter frenzy…

December 3, 2006

Because, okay, so essay deadlines are after christmas now, it’s still 3 essays that are the ENTIRE MARKS for this semester, and of a total of 15,000 words. Which is quite a lot.

So, time for me to get cracking.

I’ve been thinking a lot about Interference lately, and I think I’m going to do some really heavy reworking of the setting and things. I’ve realised there’s too much in there that’s either a cop out to avoid dealing with certain things, remnants of stuff made up when I was little, or just generally there for ‘because it’s cool’ purposes rather than because it’s good for the story. Not that I’ve been getting much done with all the work that I’ve been having for uni and so on, but still. Heh, and one of the changes I’m thinking of doing makes the URL for this blog actually totally irrelvant as well… oops.

Anyway, it’s time to get something done today, so I should probably get a move on. Laters.

Roll on future.

April 10, 2006

We’ve nearly got cybereyes, guys.

They are making the blind see.

Found via CyberpunkReview so might not be too valid, but still… iiiiiinteresting.

Post Shinobi Doodles

April 5, 2006

A break from the girls, here’s a couple of sketches I did in pen at a house party after the Adam F glee on friday that I only just got around to scanning. Would have done more, but people were using the decks and me and Ben wanted to dance some more and I can draw whenever. DnB makes me want to draw Interference clubbers. La.

More Girls

April 4, 2006

Not so keen on the second one, but I like the one of Vio quite a lot.

Going to look for some references for the next lot, I think.

You know what I don’t draw enough of?

April 3, 2006



But really, someone pointed out (correctly) that most of the time my female anatomy sucks and my girls look like my guys but with tits. Though this probably has more to do with the fact I draw rather girly blokes. BUT STILL, the challenge for my little quick rough stuff this week is women.

(Oh, the girls in these 2 sketches are Cereus from Project Hat, and Lisha from (much much much later on) in Interference. Lisha doesn’t normally wander around in her underwear though.

Right, now that’s out of my system I can get on with WORKING MY ASS OFF.

(P.S. Going to see Adam F with Ben was insanely awesome and brilliant fun. There should also be some dancing pics coming because of this, and the whole night got me really inspired. Though my ears were still ringing last night and the gig was friday…)

More interesting technology.

April 2, 2006

A number of characters in Interference have implants called ‘Nanotats’, which are programable tatoos. Looks like this tech is not as weird as I thought.

How Animated Tattoos Work

Speedy sketch thing for 23/03/06

March 23, 2006

Lets see if I can keep this up, shall we?

Stepping it up a little, I’m putting some quick shading with a (actually my least favorite) grey watercolour marker as it doesn’t effect the Tria lines at all, and this one has a little correction pen as well for highlighting (but no actual correction.) Colour cast whacked on on photoshop to give it some more mood.

Finnan Doodle
(Click for full version)

Oh, and I know it’s really uncomfortable to have your hand like that. Awesome anatomy is not the thing here though.

The character is Mr R.J. Finnan, another character from Interference. He’s a hired heavy, with a preference for boots and blunt objects and more of the ‘beat the shit out of them so they don’t forget it’ school rather than the ‘neat subtle kill’. A thug, not an assassin. Still, the fact nobody has ever managed to find out what this guy’s REAL name is shows he’s got more tact and delicacy than you’d think he would from his methods. Inspired affectionatly by one of my ex-housemates.

Might do another one today, depending on how the rest of the day goes.