2008 Attacks! :O

So, the year has ticked over and it’s time for me to spend weeks second guessing myself when I write the date. Wheee!

But really, I’m glad to have a nice concrete ‘that’s enough of that’ drawn under last year. Not that it’s been horrific or anything, but it’s good to have the explicit reason to turn over a new leaf and sort yourself out and make things all together better. It’s time to put my foot down and find my own happiness, instead of panicking and worrying about the many changes in my life that are out of my hands. Insert air-punching and dramatic music here. (Also sunglasses, drills that will pierce the heavens and KICKING REASON TO THE CURB AND GOING BEYOND THE IMPOSSIBLE ROW ROW FIGHT DA POWA* etc for good measure.)

I graduate from my MA at the end of the month, drawing a nice line under my education for at least a couple of years, and after that, well, I’ll have to see what comes my way.

So, 2008 looks to be a year of… god, I don’t know actually. But it should be interesting finding out, right?

I have made some vague resolutions though, which includes updating this more often, which I WILL do. If possible, at least once a week. Those who know me, feel free to kick me if this does not occur.

Anyway guys, hope you had a great 2007, have now recovered from your respective hangovers, and will have a brilliant year ahead. Cheers.

* 2008 is also the year of Gurren Lagann on DVD. In the UK, please.


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