So, due to horrible shift schedules and other issues, my housemate Mike and I failed to make a Christmas dinner together. However while we were buying some lazy food this evening it was decreed we should buy a cake and ice it ourselves. So we did.

There is a lot of RegalIce in a box, so we made SNOWMEN. I made the one with the scarf and eyebrows and Mike made his friend. (And did the fancy blue icing, go Mike go!)

And because there was a snowman for each of us, I made a little snow hamster for Mike’s pet hamster, Rex. Mike gave it a hat. It is totally a hamster. Shut up. It’s totally hamster like.

Mike did not realise it was a snow Rex (he is very ill so I forgive him) until after we’d cut the cake so it didn’t go on. However when he noticed, it was demanded there was a group picture. So there was. Yay!

So, there. That’s us being daft and festive for you, and it’s all silly but I thought I should share. Have a great Christmas, guys!


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3 Responses to “Christmassy”

  1. Fi Says:

    Go you two

  2. Ruth Says:

    You two rock! Gave me all sorts of warm fuzzies and several giggles.

  3. AndrewTunney Says:

    Don’t take this the wrong way, cause they are totally cute, but I just got out of bed so all I wanna do is eat them.

    Yes even the hamster.

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