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December 25, 2007

Have a great one, guys.

For my part, I’m back at home with my parents. Have had some fantastic presents, some expected and planned (such as new very lovely camera) and some unexpected and also awesome (such as a pair of hardcore Sabatier kitchen knives :D).

Currently drinking a tequila sunrise (parents got an ice crusher recently, and a juicer. Win win win) amidst the bustle of cooking.

Anyway, enough interwebs for me. I hope you all have a lovely day, however you spend it. :)



December 21, 2007

So, due to horrible shift schedules and other issues, my housemate Mike and I failed to make a Christmas dinner together. However while we were buying some lazy food this evening it was decreed we should buy a cake and ice it ourselves. So we did.

There is a lot of RegalIce in a box, so we made SNOWMEN. I made the one with the scarf and eyebrows and Mike made his friend. (And did the fancy blue icing, go Mike go!)

And because there was a snowman for each of us, I made a little snow hamster for Mike’s pet hamster, Rex. Mike gave it a hat. It is totally a hamster. Shut up. It’s totally hamster like.

Mike did not realise it was a snow Rex (he is very ill so I forgive him) until after we’d cut the cake so it didn’t go on. However when he noticed, it was demanded there was a group picture. So there was. Yay!

So, there. That’s us being daft and festive for you, and it’s all silly but I thought I should share. Have a great Christmas, guys!

December Flurries

December 13, 2007

Okay, so as usual I’m not quite in the ‘OMFG YAY CHRISTMAS!!!’ phase yet, but I rarely am until a couple of days before the day itself. I dunno, I guess coming from a family where you’ve heard people practising Christmas carols in the next room IN JULY so they can get an album done leaves you with a bit less of of a hurry towards it. I’m last-minute as hell.

It’s also a time of me drawing pictures I have to be all secretive about so I don’t spoil people’s presents, and I never get as many done as I’d like. Still, I’m liking the paintings I’ve done so far.

Comic wise, I got my script done, though it needs a lot of work because it’s still pretty clunky, and I decided it’s better as a pilot issue for something than as a fully self contained thing and need to bring that out a little more. But I think I’m going to try and do the layouts first, it’ll give me a better idea of how much space I really have to play with. Also, I just found out I probably should change my protagonist’s name because, due to not checking first, I’ve accidentally given him the same name as DarkHawk’s alter ego (From various marvel stuff). While I don’t think anyone is going to confuse my unremarkable 20-something photographer guy for a teenage magic-amulet-powered superhero… DarkHawk has been in Runaways and I LIKE Runaways, so Chris is going to have to get a new surname.

Moral of this story, kids, is Wiki/Google your characters’ names BEFORE you get attached to them.

(I didn’t mind the real world people that the 2 main characters in the first issue shared names with. Because they’re not exactly uncommon names. But you’ve got to draw the line somewhere.)

I’m not sure if I’ll be able to get the first issue done by Bristol, due to potential things with paid stuff I’m going to have to give priority to. I’m probably going to have it for Amecon in august though.

In the mean time, have some doodles I did while trying to get used to drawing the character. (Yes, I know you can’t hold a camera like that. Shhh. XD)

Chris Doodles

Okay, that’s enough babble for now. Laters.