‘Baccano!’ So who IS the main character anyway?

Okay, so, while chilling after the pure BURNING SPIRIT of Gurren Lagann ep 21 (god damn they need to release the DVDs of that series so I can buy them,) On a recommendation from my friend Little Matt I just watched the first episode of ‘Baccano!’

Definitely going to be giving this at least a 3 episode test, though I was pretty much sold by half way through the episode. It’s a strange little series, and more than a little confusing as it seems to be made of a bunch of different little stories that will all tie together somehow. The show opens with a girl and her boss trying to piece together the details of a certain event, unsure who it even is that it all revolves around. The centre of it seems to be in 1930’s America with a mobster turf war going on, with some rival gangs, and plenty of underground dealings.

So far, so cool for me, and then you add in the interesting little detail that it appears that some of these people just don’t die. Even cooler.

Top it off with really quite nice art direction, decent animation, and a really cool op with a neat ‘pass the camera’ thing going on, and you’ve got something that looks like it will definitely be worth a watch. Or more likely quite a few watches because it is really confusing but seems like something that will be much less so once you know more of what is going on. The violence is surprisingly brutal, but not gratuitous and fits the tone brilliantly. This is not a straight forward show (at least so far), it’s not handing you any answers on a plate but leaving you to piece it all together from the fragments and solve the mystery yourself. I’m looking forward to watching more.

(PS: Firo or Luck should so be the main character. They are awesome.)


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