To the people in control of these things:

There really really should be a Skullduggery Pleasant cartoon. Failing that, more books of it. Because daft kids fiction featuring scarf-wearing wisecracking wizard detective skeletons is just so much FUN.

(Were it not for the fact I am rubbish at drawing skulls and need to dig up some references, I would be including fanart with this post. Skullduggery is just a fantastic character.)

And yes, I’ve been reading this instead of Harry Potter. I need to get around to reading the other books before I’m touching the ending, I’ve only read the first one. Zipped through Skullduggery Pleasant, most of it in a day, and now I’m on ‘Don’t cry for me Aberystwyth’, the new Louie Knight mystery from Malcolm Pryce. I’ve always liked that series, there’s just something very appealing about a pastiche of hardboiled noir crime fiction set in a quaint little welsh seaside town. This one is throwing some cold war thriller into the mix as well. Fun stuff.

Anyone else reading anything interesting other than Potter?


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