Back from housemoving limbo

So yeah, now I have a flat, and actual internet, things are pretty cool. I’m all settled in the odd city that is Manchester with my good friend Mike.

Much time has been spent sketching, reading, being rubbish at working on my dissertation, watching movies, cooking and playing computer games.

(Verdict on games: Elite Beat Agents kicks ass as much as Ouendan, Okami is absolutely beautiful and simply a joy to play, Hotel Dusk is a great little detective story with a fantastic art style and Psychonauts is just absolutely brilliant in almost every way and needs to have a sequel or just more things in that tone.)

Currently being rather in love with the Comic series ‘Invincible’. It is pure simple goodness with nice art and slick smooth writing that is just a delight to read.

Oh, and for the record, no I don’t have the new Harry Potter. And no, I’m not gonna be reading it any time soon, cause I’ve not read any Potter books since the first one. Not cause I’m hugely opposed to them or anything (although I do much prefer Garth Nix and Lemony Snicket when it comes to kids fiction) but I just keep not getting around to it.

Anyway, enough babble for now. Back to buisness as usual.


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