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Ack, sorry

April 10, 2007

Dropped off again.

Things have been pretty busy and I keep forgetting to post on here. The fact that my apostrophe key falls off every other time I use it has made me less enthusiastic about typing a lot. However I’m currently strongly debating buying a lovely new computer which will solve that problem.

Been reading quite a few things lately. My current thing is Two For The Money by Janet Evanovitch. Her Stephanie Plum books have become a guilty pleasure for me and my good buddy Mike, basically chicklit comedy noir about bountyhunters. Stephanie is a great character, just the right balance of rubbish enough to be funny, sympathetic and not all RAAAA GIRL POWER, and yet cool enough to not be patronising too. I’m not going to say they’re high lit, but they’re nice to read, quite engaging and very funny. In particular the dynamic between Stephanie and Joe Morelli is really fun to read, the two of them crossing swords and swinging between friendly rivalry, total hate, romantic tension, and trading tasty info for junk food just amuses me. (And it’s nice that Stephanie isn’t the only one gaga for her mom’s cooking. That Morrelli is just as terrible about Mrs Plum’s spice cake is a lovely touch). If you fancy something light, fun and funny, you can find the first novel in the series, One for the Money, here.

Anyway, essay season is kicking in, so expect me to drop off the face of the internet a little bit. Speaking of which, I should be doing some work.