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Not so much to report

March 1, 2007

No book review this week because I’ve not finished anything. I’ll probably whack up something on ‘Amsterdam’ when I’ve read it as that’s next on my list.

Creative wise, I’m trying to force myself out of this block, and also sort myself out physically a bit as well. As I am a bit of an absolute wreck lately and that’s not very conductive to doing anything useful.

I completely my first little script last night (Okay, it has no spoken dialogue but still, that’s a first for me as well) and Mike D and I are going down to London this weekend to make it happen with the ever lovely J. I’ve never done film work before so this should be fun. We’ve got an idea for another one that we’d like to do afterwards as well, which I’m looking forward to having a try at.

Other ‘GET STUFF DONE’ news, Mike suggested the both of us make a resolution that we have to produce at least 500 words (or some art on my part because Mike doesn’t draw) each week to crit at each other. Which seems a good idea to me. I’ve been trying to at least sketch something every day, but this will make me do something to a standard I can hack actually showing to people. I’ve been thinking that the way do get confidence back in myself is to actual do some stuff worth doing, so hopefully this will work.

Anyway, food shopping and essay research calls. (Okay, so the research is just watching Paranoia Agent again, but SHH it’s for my seminar paper and a mindmelt enough to be called work.) I’ll keep you posted.