Viewing Matter

Today I have been watching (for ideas for my seminar paper) Brazil, which is an awesome Terry Gilliam film, and the final few episodes of Satoshi Kon’s brilliant anime ‘Paranoia Agent.’

I think I’m going to have to write a full review of that one for you people, just when I’ve had some more time to mull the series over as it was stunning. A really compelling and very unsettling journey into the weirdness and darkness of the human mind, and the things we do to our realities in order to cope with them. ‘Shonen Bat’, or ‘Lil’ Slugger’ as the dub calls him, is such an iconic character, not just because he’s got a great little design (and the whirr of his skates make a brilliant audio signature for him) but his place in the story is so interesting and complex. Something about the series really resonated with me and now I want to see the rest of Kon’s work.

Another thing I’ve been watching recently is FLCL. I got a very lovely box set of it for £35 (because at that price I think it was well time to break that ‘Oh, I’ll buy it if only it wasn’t like £60’ problem) and the series is still as great as I remember. Cool animation, brilliant soundtrack, and some of the best combination of bat-shit insane plot with utterly touching and human subtext in anime.

And then, in the future, there is a NEW SERIES OF LIFE ON MARS. 13th of February.

Oh, it will be nice.

Nice enough to eclipse that stunningly bad ‘Back in the nick of time’ pun on the posters.

I can’t wait. :)


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