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Something to use or ignore

December 8, 2006

And pretty much just for my own benefit:

What code DOESN’T do that it does in the movies.

Will I still break these? Probably, yeah, but they’re something to keep in mind.

(In other news, essays are evil, though I think there is a direct correlation between how much work I have to do, and how much Lady Grey tea I drink.)


Time for the winter frenzy…

December 3, 2006

Because, okay, so essay deadlines are after christmas now, it’s still 3 essays that are the ENTIRE MARKS for this semester, and of a total of 15,000 words. Which is quite a lot.

So, time for me to get cracking.

I’ve been thinking a lot about Interference lately, and I think I’m going to do some really heavy reworking of the setting and things. I’ve realised there’s too much in there that’s either a cop out to avoid dealing with certain things, remnants of stuff made up when I was little, or just generally there for ‘because it’s cool’ purposes rather than because it’s good for the story. Not that I’ve been getting much done with all the work that I’ve been having for uni and so on, but still. Heh, and one of the changes I’m thinking of doing makes the URL for this blog actually totally irrelvant as well… oops.

Anyway, it’s time to get something done today, so I should probably get a move on. Laters.