From the ruins of my sleeping pattern…

Because, honestly, I need to stop waking up at noon just because I don’t have any classes.

As, in a shocking twist of fate, I am actually a couple of books ahead in my reading for my MA, no work today. Okay, maybe a little, because the books I’ve got afterwards are interesting too: ‘Transmission’ by Hari Kunzru (Some kind of social drama centring about the internet. Nice prologue but could go either brilliant or horrible), ‘The Long Firm’, by Jake Arnott (Hardboiled british crime, of course I’m going to like it) and a couple more crime fiction novels by American women writers.

However, if I can suppress my reading mode (and I’ll give some reviews of things I’ve read lately soon, I think. I want more content on here) I’m going to try and spend today on writing, critting and excavating my room from the untidy mess that is has become. As it is covered in amazon boxes, class handouts and empty glasses and so on again, and to a silly extent…

What, ‘I have to tidy my desk’ is the most tried and tested procrastination method. Shh.

Of course there is that tricky ‘lack of food in the house that is mine’ issue aside from all those instant noodles, so I better go and deal with that as well.

I’m thinking of doing some storyboard-like sketch collages to help get the story organised, get in touch with the mood again after having such a long hiatus, and also kill my artists block that is preventing me from finishing any of my drawings lately.

Anyway, that’s enough wasting time on blog nonsense. Time to quest for some socks and get on with the day.


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