Roll on future.

We’ve nearly got cybereyes, guys.

They are making the blind see.

Found via CyberpunkReview so might not be too valid, but still… iiiiiinteresting.


4 Responses to “Roll on future.”

  1. Dark_Me Says:

    Interesting but not nearly as useful as it seems. What they see is essentally a bunch of large, white dots and they have to wear a large heavy computer on their waist. And it may not work and usally doesn’t work to it’s full capcity due to some of the contacts on the brain not touching properly. It is however very interesting and is certinly a step forward.

  2. Dark_Me Says:

    Oh and I forgot to mention, it’s better than seeing nothing.

  3. KT Says:

    Well yes, it’s not full on vision yet or anything, but baby steps, baby steps. And the fact that they’re looking into this at all is very interesting. :)

  4. Video Capture Device Says:

    You are totally right on this piece..

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