You know what I don’t draw enough of?



But really, someone pointed out (correctly) that most of the time my female anatomy sucks and my girls look like my guys but with tits. Though this probably has more to do with the fact I draw rather girly blokes. BUT STILL, the challenge for my little quick rough stuff this week is women.

(Oh, the girls in these 2 sketches are Cereus from Project Hat, and Lisha from (much much much later on) in Interference. Lisha doesn’t normally wander around in her underwear though.

Right, now that’s out of my system I can get on with WORKING MY ASS OFF.

(P.S. Going to see Adam F with Ben was insanely awesome and brilliant fun. There should also be some dancing pics coming because of this, and the whole night got me really inspired. Though my ears were still ringing last night and the gig was friday…)


4 Responses to “You know what I don’t draw enough of?”

  1. wesley Says:

    Well.. I think they look fine :)

  2. KT Says:

    Thankyou very much. :)

  3. Sam Says:

    woah boobies

    I especially like the lower one most. But what you’ve done here is clever – little squares of colour and stuff happening and yes :D

    Get working, so you can do more!

  4. KT Says:

    Thought you would approve. :)

    And yeah, I like the squares of colour thing. And I have plenty of markers to do different ones with.

    I’m going to have to do more between the working because I’m looking at three different unrelated bits of work today and thus mindcleaning is needed.

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