I like this track a lot.

Adam F opened his set with it, and it’s great.

Pendulum’s Remix of ‘Voodoo People’ by Prodigy.

I want it on CD. It’s one of my my fave tracks I’ve heard played at Shinobi, so good to dance to.

Music is wonderful.


6 Responses to “I like this track a lot.”

  1. sarah Says:

    that song is awesome.

  2. hayley waily Says:

    heya chicken did a google search for u so bleh! how you doooin? glad to see your diggin the pendulem, i was gonna see them at global gathering but i am muchos skintos! anywa hi

    my email is hayley_comet_@hotmail.com drop me a line else i will bitch slap you with mellon in a sock!

    luv me x


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