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Roll on future.

April 10, 2006

We’ve nearly got cybereyes, guys.

They are making the blind see.

Found via CyberpunkReview so might not be too valid, but still… iiiiiinteresting.


Girly sketch for 08/04/06

April 8, 2006

My good lass Hel from Makenai pointed out that the bit of my girly anatomy that most needs work is probably the hips and thighs, so I got out the anatomy book and am practicing at that.

Okay, still needs work, and the faces and poses are boring here. And it’s odd going to semi-realism in the bodies, makes the faces look odd. But, you have to be able to draw realistic things to be able to pull of stylising it well. A slight improvment I think. But still a long way to go.

Girly sketch for 07/04/06

April 7, 2006

Why don’t any of them have feet? Because I’m LAZY, THAT’S WHY.

Cereus, from Project hat. This was also an experiment with angles, because I also don’t do enough people looking up or down. It needs work.

Good luck to her co-creator, Spon, who is off playing Adrian Mole.

Oh, and while I’m at it…

April 7, 2006

Did another pen sketch. Okay, breaking from the girlyness, but eh.

Cifer doodle.

He appears to have mislaid his shirt somewhere. This happens. That does not however explain the stupidly low cut jeans, but eh. (My anatomy is getting better. Still needs lots of work, but is a bit better.)

Another girly sketch

April 6, 2006

For the ‘You don’t draw enough girls’ thing.

Not entirely happy with this, but I thought I’d show it anyway. Need to make the chest and shoulders smaller, I think. (And her eyes are really far appart, which bugs me.)

Liking the hair, though.

Post Shinobi Doodles

April 5, 2006

A break from the girls, here’s a couple of sketches I did in pen at a house party after the Adam F glee on friday that I only just got around to scanning. Would have done more, but people were using the decks and me and Ben wanted to dance some more and I can draw whenever. DnB makes me want to draw Interference clubbers. La.

More Girls

April 4, 2006

Not so keen on the second one, but I like the one of Vio quite a lot.

Going to look for some references for the next lot, I think.

I like this track a lot.

April 3, 2006

Adam F opened his set with it, and it’s great.

Pendulum’s Remix of ‘Voodoo People’ by Prodigy.

I want it on CD. It’s one of my my fave tracks I’ve heard played at Shinobi, so good to dance to.

Music is wonderful.