Sketches for 25/03/06 (3 pics)

Sketches for today then. Click for full versions as always.

First two, a random character idea for Project Hat. Not got a name for her yet, but I was thinking about the idea of how much of the hat shape thing is about power, and how much is about lables. And the idea of someone who swings between having a Psi hat and a Magic hat came to mind. I think they would be overconfident but pretty much defining themselves by the power their hat says they have… thinking they’ve trancended all this ‘wide hat or tall hat’ silliness when actually they haven’t at all and they’re just as tied up in it as everyone else. A contrast to the people who have power but no hat (like Cereus and Estaban) or seem not to be bothered about hats at all (Casey).
I also think she’s probably the daughter of someone quite high up in Tall Hat society and is off doing her own thing as an act of rebellion. She’d want an aliance to form between the two schools of thought, but is pretty lacking in ideas of how to actually do this. A person with big ideas and lots of power but not really knowing how to put the two together into something worth doing.

changer1thumb.jpg changer2thumb.jpg

Also… okay, I drew this last night but it was after midnight so it counts… a pic of one of my older characters, Drazen Korevelli. Because I hadn’t drawn him for aaaages. Being on some roof he really shouldn’t be, which happens a lot.


2 Responses to “Sketches for 25/03/06 (3 pics)”

  1. Sam Says:

    Changer is a posey bint, isn’t she? The idea behind the character is nice and solid, so expect a sketch from me tomorrow. :)

  2. KT Says:

    Yes, she is. I keep thinking maybe she used to be a celebrity of some kind.

    *looks forward to seeing your sketch*

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