Speedy sketch thing for 24/03/06 (edited again: 4 pics)

Two today, one done mostly yesterday though.

Guy with the spikey twotone hair and thing perched on his shoulder is Lament, a character from Sacrement which is a project I’m working on with my good freind Martin Davis.

The two in the other image are Estaban and Cereus, here in their teens in theory though I’m not totally happy with how it came out. Still geting to get Cereus’ face shape right, especially from the side. E looks nice though. They’re from Project Hat, which I’m working on with the awesome Spon. (Click for full versions)

Lament Estaban and Cereus

P.S. Got a 74 in my Continental Philosophy essay, which is a very good first. Win. :)

Another pic, based on one of my fellow joint Philosophy students, a dude called Robin. Who looks exceptionally cool (though not really that much like this.)

Not actually Robin

Also, I got my terrifying Wittgenstein essay back, which I’d been dreading… and it was a 70. Combine that with the Continental one I’ve has so far, as they’re each 50% of their modules and that makes the equivalent of module that’s 72 as well now. Hurrah! *WIN*

Oh, and 2001 is awesome.

Second Edit:
I seem to be in a sketching mood. Another pic of Vio from Interference for you. Because I like her a lot.


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