Speedy sketch thing for 23/03/06

Lets see if I can keep this up, shall we?

Stepping it up a little, I’m putting some quick shading with a (actually my least favorite) grey watercolour marker as it doesn’t effect the Tria lines at all, and this one has a little correction pen as well for highlighting (but no actual correction.) Colour cast whacked on on photoshop to give it some more mood.

Finnan Doodle
(Click for full version)

Oh, and I know it’s really uncomfortable to have your hand like that. Awesome anatomy is not the thing here though.

The character is Mr R.J. Finnan, another character from Interference. He’s a hired heavy, with a preference for boots and blunt objects and more of the ‘beat the shit out of them so they don’t forget it’ school rather than the ‘neat subtle kill’. A thug, not an assassin. Still, the fact nobody has ever managed to find out what this guy’s REAL name is shows he’s got more tact and delicacy than you’d think he would from his methods. Inspired affectionatly by one of my ex-housemates.

Might do another one today, depending on how the rest of the day goes.


2 Responses to “Speedy sketch thing for 23/03/06”

  1. Sam Says:

    Like it. More stories need characters like this who aren’t all about the subtle way, but just do what they have to fucking do.

    Looks a little like Casey ;)

  2. KT Says:

    Yeah, Finnan is fun. Considering the story is so full of esoteric thinky people, having a guy who although actually smart enough to hold his own prefers to deal with problems through the medium of cracking ribs and breaking kneecaps is nice and refreshing. The dymanic between him and Ade will be very fun to write. :)

    Hehe, he’s not meant to look like Casey. His hair should be shorter than this, the only connection is they both wear shades and smile a lot. ^_^;

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