More Arty type things.

Okay then, as I’ve discovered that it’s actually very fun and generates some quite interesting drawings to sketch straight in my black Tria marker, I have decided to make a resolution of for this week at the least I will do at least one pic like this a day. The tria is really really black so you can’t work lightly, you have to be decisive (I’ve got a very light hand for pencils and biros, so can crate stuff really faintly even in some pens, but this, no) as you’ve got thin and thick and no hiding. Every time I see freind of the family Val, who’s a professinal fine artist (and IIRC currently running the show at dolls house emporium, which is cool), tells me that I should losen up more and just see what comes out. So, I’m going to do that.

First on, a character from Interference. Viola Lanimar, also known as Vio. One of the biggest names in Atlantis, both on and offline, she’s a figurehead in the concrete version and owns White Room, one of the most sucessful clubs in the district. Of course, like most people in this story there’s something rather more to her, and she’s one of my favorite female characters I have.

(Click for full image)

I think this will be fun.


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