Art and other interesting things

Firstly, nabbed this from InfomationAesthetics, but thought it was too damn cool not to share.

Universal Connections. A exhibition playing with the meanings of what we do with our data. Some is very clever. And rather slick at that.

In other news… Not getting as much done as I’d like creative wise, but that is down at least in part to the frightening amount of work I’ve had thrown at me by Uni.

I have however been doing some things for Project Hat with Spon which is pretty fun. A lot of loose, fast character design work that’s quite a departure from the things I’m usually doing. (And hey, Spon boyo, we need to update the Wiki. I can see the dust on it.)

Actually, I’ll share some of my recent sketches with you. (click for the full versions)

cereusadultsketchthumb.jpg estaprofsketchthumb.jpg sikesthumb.jpg

Right then, back to essays.


One Response to “Art and other interesting things”

  1. Sam Says:

    ROOH HAH. Yeahh hats foreverrrr.

    And yeah, I’ll get round to the Wiki soon. ;p

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