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March 30, 2006

Okay, so I’ve not done any pen sketches today, but I did have a go at something a little more controled. One of my older characters, but with some of the bits of style I’ve been developing more recently. I’m going to do a coloured version of this as well, I’ve not decided if I’m going to do a cop out glowy white BG (very tempted) or the sea, to practice my skies. The latter would probably be better. The guy’s name is Janvier, and he’s one of the higher beings, generally just called ‘Powers’, in one of my stories. He also happens to be one of my favorite characters in said story. Wheee. (Click for full drawing)




Sketches for 25/03/06 (3 pics)

March 25, 2006

Sketches for today then. Click for full versions as always.

First two, a random character idea for Project Hat. Not got a name for her yet, but I was thinking about the idea of how much of the hat shape thing is about power, and how much is about lables. And the idea of someone who swings between having a Psi hat and a Magic hat came to mind. I think they would be overconfident but pretty much defining themselves by the power their hat says they have… thinking they’ve trancended all this ‘wide hat or tall hat’ silliness when actually they haven’t at all and they’re just as tied up in it as everyone else. A contrast to the people who have power but no hat (like Cereus and Estaban) or seem not to be bothered about hats at all (Casey).
I also think she’s probably the daughter of someone quite high up in Tall Hat society and is off doing her own thing as an act of rebellion. She’d want an aliance to form between the two schools of thought, but is pretty lacking in ideas of how to actually do this. A person with big ideas and lots of power but not really knowing how to put the two together into something worth doing.

changer1thumb.jpg changer2thumb.jpg

Also… okay, I drew this last night but it was after midnight so it counts… a pic of one of my older characters, Drazen Korevelli. Because I hadn’t drawn him for aaaages. Being on some roof he really shouldn’t be, which happens a lot.


Speedy sketch thing for 24/03/06 (edited again: 4 pics)

March 24, 2006

Two today, one done mostly yesterday though.

Guy with the spikey twotone hair and thing perched on his shoulder is Lament, a character from Sacrement which is a project I’m working on with my good freind Martin Davis.

The two in the other image are Estaban and Cereus, here in their teens in theory though I’m not totally happy with how it came out. Still geting to get Cereus’ face shape right, especially from the side. E looks nice though. They’re from Project Hat, which I’m working on with the awesome Spon. (Click for full versions)

Lament Estaban and Cereus

P.S. Got a 74 in my Continental Philosophy essay, which is a very good first. Win. :)

Another pic, based on one of my fellow joint Philosophy students, a dude called Robin. Who looks exceptionally cool (though not really that much like this.)

Not actually Robin

Also, I got my terrifying Wittgenstein essay back, which I’d been dreading… and it was a 70. Combine that with the Continental one I’ve has so far, as they’re each 50% of their modules and that makes the equivalent of module that’s 72 as well now. Hurrah! *WIN*

Oh, and 2001 is awesome.

Second Edit:
I seem to be in a sketching mood. Another pic of Vio from Interference for you. Because I like her a lot.


Speedy sketch thing for 23/03/06

March 23, 2006

Lets see if I can keep this up, shall we?

Stepping it up a little, I’m putting some quick shading with a (actually my least favorite) grey watercolour marker as it doesn’t effect the Tria lines at all, and this one has a little correction pen as well for highlighting (but no actual correction.) Colour cast whacked on on photoshop to give it some more mood.

Finnan Doodle
(Click for full version)

Oh, and I know it’s really uncomfortable to have your hand like that. Awesome anatomy is not the thing here though.

The character is Mr R.J. Finnan, another character from Interference. He’s a hired heavy, with a preference for boots and blunt objects and more of the ‘beat the shit out of them so they don’t forget it’ school rather than the ‘neat subtle kill’. A thug, not an assassin. Still, the fact nobody has ever managed to find out what this guy’s REAL name is shows he’s got more tact and delicacy than you’d think he would from his methods. Inspired affectionatly by one of my ex-housemates.

Might do another one today, depending on how the rest of the day goes.

More Arty type things.

March 22, 2006

Okay then, as I’ve discovered that it’s actually very fun and generates some quite interesting drawings to sketch straight in my black Tria marker, I have decided to make a resolution of for this week at the least I will do at least one pic like this a day. The tria is really really black so you can’t work lightly, you have to be decisive (I’ve got a very light hand for pencils and biros, so can crate stuff really faintly even in some pens, but this, no) as you’ve got thin and thick and no hiding. Every time I see freind of the family Val, who’s a professinal fine artist (and IIRC currently running the show at dolls house emporium, which is cool), tells me that I should losen up more and just see what comes out. So, I’m going to do that.

First on, a character from Interference. Viola Lanimar, also known as Vio. One of the biggest names in Atlantis, both on and offline, she’s a figurehead in the concrete version and owns White Room, one of the most sucessful clubs in the district. Of course, like most people in this story there’s something rather more to her, and she’s one of my favorite female characters I have.

(Click for full image)

I think this will be fun.

Art and other interesting things

March 22, 2006

Firstly, nabbed this from InfomationAesthetics, but thought it was too damn cool not to share.

Universal Connections. A exhibition playing with the meanings of what we do with our data. Some is very clever. And rather slick at that.

In other news… Not getting as much done as I’d like creative wise, but that is down at least in part to the frightening amount of work I’ve had thrown at me by Uni.

I have however been doing some things for Project Hat with Spon which is pretty fun. A lot of loose, fast character design work that’s quite a departure from the things I’m usually doing. (And hey, Spon boyo, we need to update the Wiki. I can see the dust on it.)

Actually, I’ll share some of my recent sketches with you. (click for the full versions)

cereusadultsketchthumb.jpg estaprofsketchthumb.jpg sikesthumb.jpg

Right then, back to essays.

Neal Stevenson is the man.

March 21, 2006

Okay, so I’ve already shown this to most people I know read this, but I’m posting it up again anyway.

Neal Stevenson’s Slashdot Interview.

Most of you who know me will already know one of my all time fave books is Snow Crash, so this ammused me. Stevenson talks about SF, technology, and all sorts of stuff. Especially worth reading for the discussion on “In a fight between you and William Gibbson, who would win?”

Oh, and if for some silly reason you haven’t already read Snow Crash, for goodness sake get yourself a copy and read it now. I command you. Do as I say, I’m very tired.


March 20, 2006

“Japan’s National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST) has developed a device that uses lasers to project real three-dimensional images in mid-air. The institute unveiled the device on February 7 in a demonstration that showed off the device’s ability to project three-dimensional shapes of white light.”

Oh hell yeah.

It’s always nice when you find that things you use in stories are getting closer to being real every day. (Well, okay when the NICE things you use. There’s plenty in my stuff I’m really quite glad is confined to fiction.)