Stuck in apathy again.

Need to edit, and because I’m having to go to the wrong seminar, my reading pattern is all off. Grrr.

Tired and lost again, don’t really know what I’m doing. I need to kick this before Paris, I don’t want it getting in the way of having a good time.

Pendulum’s mix of Painkiller by Freestylers is really good. I want a copy of it outside the BBC mix. As is Madder by Groove Armada. (‘WHEN I NEED A LITTLE INSPIRATION, RIGHT ABOUT NOW’S WHERE I LOOSE MY PATIENCE’)

Now I do some editing, then read Magic Toyshop. It BETTER be good. I’m not in the mood for dicking about wading through a boring book today.

Mm, ‘Hold Your Colour’. I forgot how good this stuff is. (And the goodness of the music makes up for said song’s rather emo lyrics.)

Get on with things.

(Karemara frowned as he watched his collegue swing the crude pendulum he’d fashioned over the spread of cards, looking at the diagram drawn in biro next to them.
“You can’t seriously be doing this. You can’t believe in this stuff, not you. You’re far too rational for this.”
“When exactly did I tell you everything I believed in?” The younger man asked, sharp green eyes still focused on the swinging fragment taken from the Machine. “You’re forgetting something, David,” he turned over a card, then shuffled the deck again, “rationality only works within a certain set of rules. We’re breaking the rules, that much should be obvious, so how can the old rationality really apply? And besides…” he flicked the pendulum’s string up and caught it, holding it gently in his fist. “When you open a door, you don’t have to walk out of it in straight line.”)

No really, get on with things.


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