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Quick Update

February 27, 2006

Sorting things to apply for postgrad funding is horrible. Stress and fear GO GO GO!

Oh, by the way, Spon and I like hats.


Another Character Prose Thingy.

February 21, 2006

More babble from one of my characters. Much of this came into my head when I was in Paris, and is one of the people who appears later in the story.

Versatility, I’ve always preached, is the purest last resort of our kind. It’s the one way we get to keep evading all those little labels and charts and explanations that keep being thrown at us by the people who really (think they) want to be in the know. I’ve always thought it was rather crucial to have some secrets left, and my definition of secret is much narrower than most. Live with people who can look inside your mind for more than a few days and you find yourself realising that things are never secret when you know them. The only way they can really be hidden is if nobody knows them at all. That’s why it’s really ever so essential to diversify. Not so that you can do more things, get more jobs, manipulate the world to your liking, but so that you can surprise yourself. The highest beauty is unexpected. Do things not even you could have predicted of yourself, and that’s when you transcend.
Then again, having other outlets is positive in other ways too. Healthy. I’ve watched those with only the one channel, forcing the entire of reality through one little crack in souls clear but cold, hard and sharp like diamonds. Or glass, more accurately. Spiderweb cracks grow, but you can’t predict them and there’s always a risk of the whole thing shattering under the pressure.
I think he’s making progress, my love. He still has that chart pinned to his wall, but now it is on a dart board. I’ve seen him throwing the darts, inscribed with little symbols he’s not told me the meanings of, casting them with his eyes closed and never missing. Interesting indeed. Two branches now, maybe more if he’s dabbling in fortunes. There are images of the arcana floating in his mind when I sneak a glance in there.
The third branch made me smile, he left the proof of his divergence on my pillow the last time he left with the dawn light. Lying awake next to me, doing origami without touching the paper. Teasing the forms beyond what can be done with folding, changes to substance he knows I’ll pick up on. He left it with me and was gone before I was awake, with just a note to say he had work to do, in that disjointed scrawl he calls handwriting. He made me a flower, with long fine petals like a daisy but thorns like a rose. A child’s idea of a flower, and very sweet for it. It sits on my desk and as proof he is not as brittle and untouchable as he claims to be. Not that I would tell him this, of course. It may be a tiny step, but it’s something. Versatility, progress. A little more hope that I won’t lose him.

Return (Tea +2)

February 19, 2006

Back from Paris, and a bit a of (lot of a) wreck.

Propper report coming later. In the mean time, for relevance, know this. The teashop “Mariage Frères” is amazing and if you like tea at all and are ever in Paris (or Tokyo as they seem to have branches there too) you must go. I was restrained and only brought back two teas. First, some ‘Sakura 2000’ which is a cherry blossom tea that they actually got out when I was asking for Cerise (cherry) tea but smelled so good I didn’t turn it away. (It may be a little like that wonderful Cherry Rose Sencha C and I found in Vasncouver that I have been searching in vain to find again. Cherry and Rose go WELL together in tea, and it’s one of Ade’s favorite flavoured teas. If anyone finds Cherry Rose Sencha (green tea) that is willing to post me some, it would make me GLEE.)

The other tea I got was picked on the name alone, but also smelled lovely. It is called ‘The Tea of Legends’, which ammused me hugely so I picked it up. I’m drinking a cup of it now and it is lovely. Very fresh tasting, with a citrusy flavour as well as a taste I’m not sure how to describe other than ‘green’. But not grass kinda green. Nice green. This stuff is good. Mmm, legends.

In fact, I’m nearly done this cup so I’m going to make some more, and get on with my essay. It is making the world that little bit more ‘right’ :)

(PS, on a less posh front, Tetley’s ‘Jolly Ginger Mint’ tea/infusion (it’s not got any black or green tea in it) is really lovely and I was drinking either that or the Fortnum and Mason’s tea my mum was given all christmas. Ginger and Mint go together better than expected and the drink is warming but really refreshing. And has lemongrass in which tends to make for a happy KT.)

You know, I’m very tempted to start doing tea/caffiene reviews in here. I think I might have to do that.

Look after each other, guys. Time for me to get to work.

Time Out

February 14, 2006

I’m going to be out of signal for a few days. Off to Paris with the ever lovely C Rooney.

Try not to blow each other up or anything in my absence.

KT out.

*crashes to bed*


February 12, 2006

Stuck in apathy again.

Need to edit, and because I’m having to go to the wrong seminar, my reading pattern is all off. Grrr.

Tired and lost again, don’t really know what I’m doing. I need to kick this before Paris, I don’t want it getting in the way of having a good time.

Pendulum’s mix of Painkiller by Freestylers is really good. I want a copy of it outside the BBC mix. As is Madder by Groove Armada. (‘WHEN I NEED A LITTLE INSPIRATION, RIGHT ABOUT NOW’S WHERE I LOOSE MY PATIENCE’)

Now I do some editing, then read Magic Toyshop. It BETTER be good. I’m not in the mood for dicking about wading through a boring book today.

Mm, ‘Hold Your Colour’. I forgot how good this stuff is. (And the goodness of the music makes up for said song’s rather emo lyrics.)

Get on with things.

(Karemara frowned as he watched his collegue swing the crude pendulum he’d fashioned over the spread of cards, looking at the diagram drawn in biro next to them.
“You can’t seriously be doing this. You can’t believe in this stuff, not you. You’re far too rational for this.”
“When exactly did I tell you everything I believed in?” The younger man asked, sharp green eyes still focused on the swinging fragment taken from the Machine. “You’re forgetting something, David,” he turned over a card, then shuffled the deck again, “rationality only works within a certain set of rules. We’re breaking the rules, that much should be obvious, so how can the old rationality really apply? And besides…” he flicked the pendulum’s string up and caught it, holding it gently in his fist. “When you open a door, you don’t have to walk out of it in straight line.”)

No really, get on with things.


February 3, 2006

Just had a call this morning about applying for funding for my post grad. Not only is this horrible forms and personal statements, its ‘You don’t just need a first, you want the best first you can get.’

I’ve also worked out how much work I have to do. And by when.

My current mental state is about summed up by big eyes and whimpering ‘Oh god…’


Scared. Really, really scared.

Time to get cracking, I guess.