Maybe it’s just the mood, but

I’ve noticed the more I write of this, the more sarcastic the narration seems to become. Granted I’m deeply crabby and pissed off at present and am writing to take my mind off it so the annoyance is coming out in the prose, but I noticed I’d started doing it in chapter two as well. The narrator is becoming much closer to Adrian’s own thoughts than at the beginning, so if this keeps up I expect by the end I’ll have a lot more changes to make to the first chapter…

‘So, walking weaponless through the Strip slums back to town was dismissed as being a little too much on the completely stupid side. He’d come to the conclusion he had had more than enough agony and disfigurement for one day. Month. Life.’

And so on.

Still, it makes me feel better.


2 Responses to “Maybe it’s just the mood, but”

  1. c.rooney Says:

    Contagious sarcasm. Look out.

  2. Robin C Miller Says:

    I like sarcasm, but then again, that fits me! LOL Keep on…writing can be VERY therapuetic!

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