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A quick report of today’s stories.

January 31, 2006

Semester 1 Results: Awesome, better than I expected and both GOOD firsts (a 73 on Crime Fiction and a 76 on Pleasure, Pain, Emotion and the Will.)

Other News: The cosmos hates me and all my freinds, and this month is cursed. For fucks sake.


Maybe it’s just the mood, but

January 19, 2006

I’ve noticed the more I write of this, the more sarcastic the narration seems to become. Granted I’m deeply crabby and pissed off at present and am writing to take my mind off it so the annoyance is coming out in the prose, but I noticed I’d started doing it in chapter two as well. The narrator is becoming much closer to Adrian’s own thoughts than at the beginning, so if this keeps up I expect by the end I’ll have a lot more changes to make to the first chapter…

‘So, walking weaponless through the Strip slums back to town was dismissed as being a little too much on the completely stupid side. He’d come to the conclusion he had had more than enough agony and disfigurement for one day. Month. Life.’

And so on.

Still, it makes me feel better.

Progress, kinda.

January 16, 2006

Slapped an ending on chapter two, AKA the chapter of too much internalisation and flashback weirdness.

I’ve been getting too hung up on trying to be perfect with this, which is not what I need to be doing on the first draft. Need to bash this thing out, try and get propperly into the swing of things instead of getting hung up at every little thing.

9:15 lecuters suck, and I have 2 this week. LAME. We’ve also had an ultimatum from the landlords that if the place isn’t spotless when they come on thursday they’re going to send cleaners and charge us for it. Jerks, the place isn’t anyway near THAT bad. (Also, the guy from the landlords had no problem. It’s just the woman. Who I think is evil. So there.)

In a month me and Chan hit Paris. Which will be lovely. Expensive, yes, but lovely.

And so on. And so forth. I really feel like crashing back to bed.

Not to go all activist on you or anything…

January 9, 2006

Actually, sod it, I’ll talk about that when I know more. But I’m keeping my AOL ad ranting. Sorry about the edits, guys.

(UK centric rant ahead), I’m sick of seeing that ‘SOME PEOPLE SAY THE INTERNET IS A BAD THING :O’ AOL ‘advert’ on the TV (What is it advertising, anyway? That AOL is safe because it doesn’t let you get at the whole big bad internet? Or that AOLers are really inteligent and we should stop using it as a negative stereotype? What?) And, the ‘George Orwell was RIGHT’ line annoys the hell out of me because uh, THERE IS NOTHING ABOUT THE INTERNET IN 1984! Surveilence != Internet. CCTV, phone tapping, PEOPLE all do that as well as the internet. 1984 is an overused example as it is (even if it is brilliant) so it would be nice if it could at least be used somewhere that’s appropriate. Hell, considering aside from the identity theft bit, it’s talking about people having complete freedom to do what they want (and of course this boils down to porn and selling babies on ebay, apparently.) surely citing a novel that centers around oppression and the surpression of the individual voice is not reeeeaaaaally that good a plan. “A Bad Thing™ is happening! QUICK, BREAK OUT THE 1984 REFERENCES! AS ALL BAD TECHNOLOGICAL THINGS ARE LIKE 1984!” Raaagh, shut up! Or at least stop using contradictory arguments and scare tactics.

Unless of course it’s saying Orwell was right because a powerful media will use scare tactics like the nasty things in the advert to surpress the public’s openings for free speach and discussion, but I think that’s probably giving them a bit too much credit (because I doubt the general public would pick up on something like that.) I mean, the ad did have a bit of a 2-minute hate feel about it.

I don’t know, it’s still annoying, and while it is a good discussion starter, I’m sure the gazzilion older, technophobic people who are still intimiated by this worldwide information exchange thing you’re reading this on will just get even more paranoid. Not that everything IS sweetness and light but it’s PEOPLE that do the horrible shit, not computers. Computers are just boxes and incapable of being malicious. I’m sick of hearing about the big bad Internet when really it’s just more imoral dicks finding new ways of screwing people over instead of frauding banks or hitting people with pipes. People were doing nasty shit long before the internet.

In summary people are doing silly things, yay for freedom of speech, I should be getting more sleep, and I’m going to shut up about them now.

Okay, Okay…

January 8, 2006

I admit it, I’m being profoundly unproductive recently. Essays and stress and general run-down lameness has been creeping on me and stopping me getting work done.

January is a bit of a wasteland month. It’s all the grey, dull, dark depression of winter but without the sparks of interest like bonfire night, halloween, christmas or new year. Just an inrelenting, depressing day to day drudgery, soaked in a heavy solution of flu and apathy. Joy.

In RL things, the Zero-Day WMF Exploit thing that happened the last couple of weeks has been very interesting. And has made me realise that the big crash that happens in the backstory isn’t quite so stupid after all, and reminding me that not all horrible bugs are intentional. (For the big application… Think image memes. Think time delayed payloads. Think really sadistic people behind said payloads. I’ve moved when it happens a little and placed it in the middle of all the nano plague nonsense, so I figure the nation being already in tech-induced red-alert plus such a widescale technical screwup would create the paranoia needed to provoke the system used 10 years later when the story is actually going on. Also means I can have Gyger be instrumental in the creation of Atlantis, so I can make that character be even more of a kind of folk hero to the techy guys in the story. It’s so nice when story problems just solve themselves like this.)

By the way, isn’t it a bit silly that Service Pack 2 takes longer to install than windows itself? o_O

Currently in the middle of editing a stupid Gothic Lit essay. 2500 words, and it should be 2000. Oops. Ah well.

For those of you procrastinating as well, here, have a random… stuff simulator.

Now I’m going to go back to staring at Openoffice pretending to work.