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December 31, 2005

Well guys, 2005 is coming to a well needed end. Here’s hoping the next one will be better.

For my part, I’m going to Sam’s place, armed with a near truckload of ‘food’ items that can in no way be considered good for us (to add to the pringle mountain because we’re very very unimaginative sometimes), for the traditional new years gig in his garage. This should consist of drinks (And excessive caffeine in my case as booze just makes me angst), oldschool Belper company (which will be somewhat… odd, after my terms of Uni), attempts to play streetfighter with DDR mats (And possibly bongos) and the inevitable demise of whatever speakers he tries to use this time.


Have a good one, wherever you are and however you spend it. No doubt you’ve deserved it.


Power Down

December 23, 2005

Well guys, it’s getting to that time of the year. The year is grinding on to a close, and I can’t say I’ll be too sorry to see the end of it. I don’t doubt that it’s last bit will be lovely, and my excursion to Brussels for my 21st birthday was nothing short of wonderful. And to be honest, my year hasn’t been too bad, really. A few spots of stress and heavy depression, but otherwise good. But for my freinds, not so good, and I hope next year will have less frustration, pain and loss for all concerned. I hate it when the universe won’t stop karmically slapping my mates.

Story related notes, I had a happy little brainflash while waiting for a bus home and so now have the ‘climax’ that’s been missing. As I’d had a big hole where the ending needed to be and even though I had the epilogue I didn’t have the big major event to happen just before it, cause I couldn’t think of anything ‘big’ and dramatic enough to top some of the things that happen before that in the story. But I’ve got something now, that’s both dramatic and nicely fitting with the main kinda message the book should be bringing across (All to do with trying to stop just running away and actually accepting things). Just hopefully I won’t be accused of ripping off the ending of Evangellion, as there’s kinda a lot of self-analysis for Adrian in it.

On an unrelated note, I’ve changed the style for one of my comic ideas now and think it’s finally ‘mine’ enough to get on and draw the damn thing. I am however sulking because apparently American Dad has a talking fish in it, and althought I thought up my talking (and chainsmoking) goldfish character like 7 years ago it’s going to look like I ripped the idea off. GRRRRRRR.

Anyway, guys, hope your christmas/solstice/whatever you do is brilliant and you have a great new year. I shall leave you with some of Brussel’s busking Santas. Becuase that’s what your holiday season really needs.

Have a great one!

Go tech go.

December 6, 2005

Information Aesthetics.

Interesting stuff. Scroll through it for more neat ways of bringing data to your senses, be it a clock telling you how many seconds till last orders, or a peice of art made from averaging the the pixels of every playboy centerfold from the last decade. Cold technology is weilding some fantatically organic, living peices of work. I especially like this one: Dreamlines. Shiny, shiny things indeed.

Oh, and on a similar note, Data is Nature has interesting things on similar lines. And of course there’s the ever awesome (if a little less esoteric) Boingboing.

15 Things about Books

December 5, 2005

As Chan from Dreaming In Red tagged me with this, I guess I better do it.

15 things about books:

1. I never finished Lord of The Rings. I gave up halfway through book 3 when I tried to read it over 5 years ago and have never felt the need to pick it up since.

2. I think Roald Dahl is one of the greatest children’s authors of the last century and hope that the films will inspire kids to read the books. My other favorite author as a kid was Robin Jarvis, and I am still amazed at what he got away with in his work.

3. I think 1984 is an utterly brilliant book and that more people should have read it, even if it one of the most depressing things I have ever read. (And multiple times at that.)

4. The Davinci Code pisses me off. Not because it’s contraversial, but because I don’t think it is expecially well written or even that thought provoking. Also, the book it is a sequel to is more interesting. That he won’t get the hell out of the Best Sellers list annoys me as well.

5. I think the Lemony Snicket books are adorable and look forward to the finale.

6. I got very annoyed when Marius Brill’s ‘Making Love’ underminded it’s own brilliance and use of a very clever narrative device, by having a really lame ending. It had been going so well…

7. Complicity by Iain Banks is probably the most unsettling book I have ever read.

8. I have no real desire to read the rest of the Harry Potter series beyond the first book.

9. Snow Crash by Neal Stevenson is one of my favorite books, and a film adaption would blow the Matrix out of the water.

10. Only Forward by Michael Marshal Smith is the most enjoyable thing I’ve read this year, despite it’s silliness and slightly too neat ending. I desperately want there to be a film of it as well, but only if they don’t mess it up and make it suck.

11. The comic series ‘The Invisibles’ has been profoundly influential on how I see the world and inspired me to really throw myself into Philosophy.

12. I have a severe love for hardboiled narrators, and think Malcom Pryce’s Aberystwyth series is really quite underated.

13. I really dislike Wuthering Heights, and wanted the house to just sink into the moors, taking that bastard Heathcliff with it. (Yeah, I like my antiheroes but he’s just a jerk.)

14. Nigel Slater writes the best cookery books, because his style is enjoyable enough to read for pleasure as well as having really good recipies. Also, his autobiography was called Toast so you know he’s the man.

15. If I ever reach the height of what I’d like to be doing with my work, I’ll be producing something that manages to pull wit, cleverness and emotion together, to make work that makes you think and feel. Things managed by people like Orwell, Stoppard, and Stevenson.

There you go.

Being the sober one in the club…

December 4, 2005

Friday night I had my first experience of going to a Drum and Bass night. Having been intodruced to the lovely sounds of Pendulum by one of my freinds a little while ago, and wanting to try going to a club somewhere that played propper dance music instead of the Rock stuff I usually dance to, and happening to know the MC (He was my team leader in Dare To Be Digital), me and my friend Mike found ourselves at Shinobi in one of our favored clubs, Welly.

And it was probably the best club night I’ve had in over a year. Maybe that’s just an effect of upstairs at the Welly (as since Helterskelter moved to being the ante bar and the ballroom instead of the antebar and upstairs it hasn’t been as fun when i’ve been, too much space for the amount of people) but I don’t think the music or the company was anything detrimental.

I came to the conclusion a few Full Metal Jackets ago (Campus rock night, 3 minutes walk from my house so I go to that a fair bit) that as I refuse to take up drinking and drugs, the only way I get to turn off the entire universe right now is through getting on the dance floor and dancing the night away like a complete idiot.

This is relevant, because I think it’s something to add to the big list of things Adrian does as escapism as well. And there are some sections to do with nightclubs in the story, anyway.

So yes, observations about Shinobi, and from the less common perspective of someone entirely sober. Over the course of the night I had like 2 redbulls about probably about 4 pints of water and nothing else. Mike was depressed for various reasons so got himself nicely pissed, and other friends were both drunk and on some other interesting chemicals as well. First time I’ve ever come into contact with drug use other than weed, never seen anything harder than that, so it was interesting. Saw some stuff getting snorted, and something from a vial that was being passed around that reminded me of the smell of that box of rather ancient markers my old graphics teacher gave me on permenant loan. The one that would give me a headache if I left the lid open too long. Slightly sweet, slightly harsh, stong bitter chemical smell that gave me no desire to take a propper dose of it. I don’t know what it was, but reminding me of markers implies solvents and I know better than to fuck around with those. (Haveing paid attention to drugs pamphlets, and also having a mother who is a phorensic scientist on the drugs side of the buisness kinda dampens your desire to play with any of this, and makes you more sceptical because you know some of the shit that goes into this stuff.)

There wasn’t any pressure though, which was nice. At the start of the night Ben proclaimed it would be an awesome idea to get me hammered because he wanted to see what would happen, but I pointed out alchohol tends to just make me feel depressed and annoyed and I’d rather not do that tonight he aggreed I should just get caffineated and bounce about like the rest of the club needs booze to do. That odd little ‘do not dance when sober’ switch is missing in my mind, you see. Maybe it’s because I come from the folk scene… A lot of people dance there when it’s not about looking good or losing yourself or getting carried away by what you’re drinking or have taken, it’s because you’re enjoying the music and the company. I don’t know, that’s besides the point anyway. I didn’t get remotely presured into taking anything I didn’t want to, and also didn’t get spiked. I wasn’t expecting to, I’m careful with my drinks and I can’t see why anyone would want to anyway, but it’s been happening quite a lot in our area recently.

The atmosphere there was a lot friendlier and more encouraging than at the rock nights I’ve been to. Plenty of people were dancing, and there wasn’t the tone of elitism and ‘I’m too holy and up myself to dance to this’ that half the tracks on rock nights trigger. Nothing cleared the floor other than the odd person going to get another drink. The music was pure dancing stuff, wall of sound but with familiar energetic beats spliced through it that meant you always just know how to move to it. It was loud and relentless and, sure, repetitive, but the mixing was fun and gave it a feeling of liveliness, that was added to even more by the two MCs. Hearing the DJs work the decks and the MCs keeping it all together made everything a lot more raw and personal, much more of a performance than rocknights, where it’s like dancing to a jukebox (one with lots of songs picked very well, but still.)

Also, everyone dances with complete abandon, it means you can totally let go and stop caring. It’s pretty dark and there are smoke machines anyway for your anonymity and even if you can be seen nobody minds. The upshot of this is the only concern that was with me was making sure to avoid the dull glowing red ends of people’s cigarettes, because getting burned is profoundly unfun.

Danced near solidly till 3am. Lovely stuff. I’m so doing that again and am all inspired.

Anyway, work to do, so I’m out.

Some culture for you.

December 2, 2005

Because this ammuses me too much not to share.


Come on, you have to admit that’s pretty badass.

(What? Not everything in here needs to be on topic and sensible.)