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Chapter two is moving slowly, I think because I’m worried I’m being too pretentious with all this flashback stuff… Trying to get subtle, fractured dreamy images of specific life events is hard as you have to get the right line between ‘What the hell is going on’ and ‘Slap in the face obvious.’

Still the next one is a little more direct as it’s dialogue driven rather than sensation so I should be able write it more easily. It will be nice for there to be characters other than Adrian back in it again soon. Yes.

Need to find some more names though, that’s always annoying…

Ah well, crash and sleep soon, I think.

By the way, Lady Grey tea is wonderful. It’s one of my favorites now. Liquid Zen of the cleansing balancing kind, instead of the comforting like normal tea or india spice chai. (Wittards English Rose, Whoever makes it’s Green Energy, and any kind of pepermint tea (Especially the Tazo one) Also fall into this category for me.)

I’ve been heating up the mug before I make tea and everything, when I’m too lazy to make a pot. This is how we make propper tea.

(Green Dragon’s Sechuan chicken noodles are also a thing of lovely. And have very nice pacaging. But my cupboard is worrying full of instant noodles again now, so I need to use more of them.)



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