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Impatience again

July 22, 2005

Hmm, crisis of confidence again. I’ve now gone for a good 5000 words with only about 5 lines of dialogue and I’m worried it’ll get boring. God I can’t wait till this sequence is over. I don’t want it to be about ‘Ade does technical things’ but I need to have it happen as it’s kinda the setup for what comes next.

Come on Renraku, you sleep deprived fluffy bastard. Hurry up and finish the job.


Fun with Jargon

July 18, 2005

Having retyped the bit I lost and re-proofed some of the rest, I feel like compiling a couple of terms of fake technobabble for you.

AtlantisThe secondary, non-conformist internet established in protest against the strict controls and lack of privacy in the corporate Net. Only accessible through custom decks, but these are not difficult to obtain. Unlike the corporate net it is unstable and forever changing, and still vulnerable to viruses. For most Atlantis users this is a small price to pay for the regained freedom the network provides. Certain sites in the Sea allow gateway access but these are shut down on discovery by the policing forces of the corporate Net. Atlantis also generates a degree of community feeling, and is the principle outlet for new talent in programming and arts. This has manifested in the real world in the form of meets, clubs, bars and galleries created with them in mind and most famously in the UV lit Alantean District in Reymurai Capital.

Fractal Reef, TheAlso: Reef, Hive, Galaxy, Bubbles, Starfield. Like looking at an index directory in comparison to a webpage in real life technology, the Reef is the stripped down, straight to business version of the internet. It manifests in interlocking, expanding and contracting spheres. Avatars are visible but able to be disabled from your own sight if desired. On the corporate Net the reef is generally out of bounds, though often entrances to it may be uncovered.

InDeter (in-de-ter)- Also: Indy, InD. Short hand for ‘Intruder Deterent’ though it is also the name also carries the connotations of Detection, Defence and Destroyer. It refers to the wide spectrum of intruder countermesures to be found in the Sea, most prominently in the corporate Net. Not only capable of denying entry to a system in nice cases and crippling data in others, regulations on the openness of systems allowed to access the corporate Net mean that InDeters can cause much more permanent damage, overloading or outright destroying hardware. And for those using full immersion or NSS matrixes, the personal cost can be even higher.

Marionette- A small AI without attempt at personality. These are used for things such as searching for data (trawling) and carrying out repetitive tasks the user doesn’t want to do by hand. As well as this, some may be used as alternative view points, which on the corporate Net where set paths must be followed to move between locations can be very useful as it allows the user to be in numerous locations at once. In addition, through use of shells and fake IDs, they may also be employed as distractions and false trails in evading InDeters.

NSS (en-ess-ess)Nerve Stimulation System. A popular piece of cyberwear that transmits data straight to the nervous system, for realism in VR environments and also for an extra sense in general online work. Once the language is learnt, NSS protocols can provide a form of full body braille or sixth sense that allows the user to be aware of even more data simultaneously.

Sea- Also: DataSea, Surface, Highway, Web, Net, corporate Net. The ‘conventional’ internet. Heavily policed and controlled although still very usable at surface level. Sites may be browsed in old style 2 dimensional formats but most favour virtual reality based interfaces, the best programmed of which will be just as intuitive. Viruses are non-existent and copy protection is brutally strict. Most established businesses are to be found here and so even the most determined Atlantis user will generally keep a deck that can access this.

Okay, I think that’s enough for the moment. Back to celery and possibly work.


July 18, 2005

After being stuck for over a week again on this daft hacking sequence thing, having only had 5 hours of rather lack lustre sleep and having had to jump out of bed and get dressed in seconds because of doors being delivered and certain parents forgetting their phone so they can wake me in advance, I actually got some stuff written.

And then the program crashed and I lost it. Hoo fucking ray.

So off to see if I can actually remember any of it. >_