Hacking the megacorps…

The level of complete and utter bullshit I’m coming up with in this astounds me and will make real hackers laugh in my face.

Okay, I’m throwing enough ‘SOMEONE MADE THE INTERNET REALLY REALLY STUPID’ comments that people should be able to realise I don’t actually think this is how things work. That and the narrative is mostly figurative anyway. Because it’s mostly from Adrian’s perspective, he’s not seeing his hands dance on the keyboard, he’s seeing what the system translates that as. Our protagonist is suspending his disbelief, so I hope the reader will too.

And even if not, non computer savvy people needn’t know, and it’s fun, dammit. And come on, making complete and utter bollocks sound interesting and believable is kinda what writing is all about.


3 Responses to “Hacking the megacorps…”

  1. Spon Says:

    If you’re worried about the level of realism, maybe you should try researching a bit into hacking ;o Might find some cool ideas or two. ;o
    Is this the internet chase thing again? :P

  2. KT Says:


    I’ve done some reserch into it, but it’s mainly the culture I’m trying to be true to. (I’ve been reading 2600, Phrack, and also the Jargon File and talking to a few people in the know) I’ve known from the start the actual hacking on the corperate net is going to be bollocks, because it’s a plot device. Any realistic cracking that goes on will be on ‘Atlantis’, but I want to keep away from it becuase at the end of the day, Ade’s cracking days are long behind him. That and realistic depictions are a guy hammering at a keyboard aren’t going to be so fun to read. ;)

  3. Rin Says:

    I would like to point out that as much research as someone does, I still maintain if you don’t use it as a basis for creating your own thing, you might as well be writing nonfiction.

    Oh and as for the nonsensical component this time, ask me about the dream I had concerning a third drawing book last night.

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