Yay! Stuff happened!

Got some more work done today… And have been tempted to cut this chapter early, which would be at around 4500 words. I’m not sure though, that might be too short. If not, I figure the point I need to get to for where I originally wanted to end is another 1500 words away, maybe 2000. Maybe more depending on how much fun the Fractal Reef is to write. If things go nicely I might have the chapter done by the weekend. That would be cool.

Writing the interface has been interesting, and I’m hoping the rational for people using the potentially dangerous nerve stimulation stuff will be clear (other than a way for the corps to REALLY keep people under control, but that’s a bit big brother and nobody sane would buy into it if that was the case. “Hey, we have this hardware that allows us to remotely fry your nervous system if you piss us off. Cool huh?” “Sure! Sign me up!”). See, although the VR systems do bear some relevance to real life, computers have always had little quirks and differences, and in this the sense of touch comes into it’s own a bit. Yes, it simulates real touch to make the environment more immersive but at the same time other programs use it as a kind of full body braille-meets-spideysense language. Helps people multi-task and be aware of the increasingly complex online world. Very useful once you’ve learnt and customised it. That, and as a freelance world builder, Adrian needs it to make sure the worlds he builds will feel right for the user. I figure there’s a big full-immersion film market out there in this, and although there’s not much is terms of tech being controlled by nerve impulses in it, I think more people have nerve stimulation systems than not. Because, dammit, it’s cool.


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