0.03 MPH.

Well, as is predictable for me, chapter 1 is still moving painfully slowly. This owes quite a lot to the fact I keep having to stop every 3 minutes to figure out the name of a program, or how it’s manifested in the virtual world (which I still need to think up a funky name for. Two, actually, one for the net in general, and one for the silly in practice but somehow still cool in fiction VR style one).

The upshot of this is any attempt to get my dear Adrian actually DOING ANYTHING grinds to a screeching halt the moment he picks up the necessary tools, and I’m starting to think his procrastination has more to do with an unconscious fear of writing the actual run that belong to me rather than one of his. Joy of joys.

If this problem doesn’t shift soon I think I’m just going to whack in place holders then come back and do the names later. Actually, that might be a good idea.

Inking of a commission today, but I hope to get a bit of writing done as well. I really want to get this thing moving.

I hope it’ll be found interesting. There’s a few things I’m trying to do that are a little unusual, some for me and some for the genre. For one, the world of Reymurai and Silverfall (though not so much their island neighbour Zenyth) is remarkably… clean. Even though I have the usual love for grungy scifi and near-post-apocalyptic roughed up rainy warehouses and so on, in Interference society actually seems to be doing rather well. Seems being the operative word, as the system is full of hypocrisy and suppression and hidden nastiness, but on the surface things are slick and clean. Shiny and fast and full of neon. Okay, it still rains a lot, but I think that’s just me. I like rain. Another thing that’s different is I’m trying to focus mostly on one person, Adrian, instead of the usual huge cast. Yes, there are a lot of other people in the story, and they get the spotlight in later stories, but for the moment I’m keeping with him. Which kinda leads me to the 3rd thing. See, I like cyberpunk. I like it a lot, in fiction and in games and especially in movies. But one thing that’s been bugging me faintly about it is so often the ‘Hey, look how cool this is’ factor eclipses the actual depth of character. And I’m sorry Hollywood, just having 2 of your characters fall in love, have an argument and then have madsex, does not cut it. And so, despite loving all the shiny tech and philosophical issues cyberpunk things tend to entail, I want to right something where at the end of the day, that’s not what people are going to get from it. Interference isn’t about the world, it’s about the people. The tech is there as a link to draw these people together but the core of it is a group of individuals trying to get on with life, some of whom simply aren’t very good at living in reality. Sure, it’s going to hit some big issues, world shattering for some of the characters, but in the end it comes down to how it effects the people who have to deal with it. Because that’s what’s most important to me. Books that don’t make me care about the character tend to piss me off, and I really don’t want to write something I wouldn’t like to read.


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