Well Then…

As my good freind Chandra has been doing this, and to rather nice effect, I figured I would choan the idea and start a blog for my story as well. Maybe having somewhere to talk just about it will make me work harder on it.

Or it will just get me even more destracted, one of the two.

So yeah. I’ll be using this thing to let you know how I’m getting on, and also to share details of the world and characters and so on. Because development work is fun fun fun.



2 Responses to “Well Then…”

  1. rindarro Says:

    Look at me comment. w00t!

    May the nonsensical comments begin.

    Welcome to blogger, btw, which is so much cooler than LJ because no one is on it. Oh yeah. Just wait till this place becomes super-popular with everyone we know and then we’ll have to find some other obscure blog site to flee to. ;P

  2. KT Says:

    Go nonsensical comments GO GO GO–>

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